Monday, 24 January 2011

Birthdays galore!

Currently sitting in piles of mess as Sam is clearing his collection of hoarded  crap out so I can have a little more space for all my 'important' crap. Ain't he nice? I feel like the the evenings/ days/ weeks are flying by at the moment once I get in from work, we have tea, sort bits and bobs out, clean it's gone 10 already :(

This weekend has been rather busy. It began with a pub crawl on Friday which I failed at as I was really sleepy. On Saturday we headed to Spalding to stay with Sam's parents for his dad's birthday, we went out for a lovely Italian and left on Sunday full up with home cooked roast nom! Sunday ended with tea and cake to celebrate Raoul's birthday back in Sheffield.

Am very much looking forward to a relaxed weekend back in Stafford this weekend and also I'm looking forward to seeing Sezzabell and Lis for s few drinks!

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Friday, 14 January 2011

2011 Goals

I would love to have all of the following things strike though by the end of twenty eleven.

  • Progress in the job I have now if a design job doesn't come my way
  • Get a design job 
  • Learn to drive
  • Pay off my remaining overdraft (hopefully I will have this done in 3 months or so)
  • Buy a better camera ( Nikon 5000 or 3100)
  • Continue with my photography - do some freelance work
  • Go on holiday with Sam :)
That's about it really, I could go on but I want something realistic to aim for :)

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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Up north

So I am now living up north in sunny Sheffield with Sam for now and the not so distant future, this makes me content as it feels like a second home anyway :) I will miss being in Stafford to an extent, my family, seeing my friends and I will miss all the luxury's of living at home, but I enjoy fending for myself these days so I am going to enjoy the freedom I have missed from being away at uni.

I started my new job on Tuesday which was a little daunting at first but so far so good, everybody seems lovely and the work seems a lot more relaxed than the work load of my last position so hopefully I will continue to feel the same and not get bored of it!

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Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 in pictures

This year had definitely had it's ups and downs, mostly downs to be honest but here are a few of my favourite moments :)

Go ape! for Amy's birthday was really fun but tiring.
                                               A trip to Manchester to see Hayley.
                                                Rage against the machine gig in London.
                                                          A trip to York with Sam.

                                               A night out in corp when Hayley visited.
                                                          65daysofstatic gig.
                                                               My 22nd birthday with sez & lis
                                                            Harrods cupcakes nom
                                                          London with Sam for my 22nd
                                                      The night I got ridiculously drunk and fell over..
                                                       and this is why....
                                                               My mums 50th birthday
                                                                   Sam went to jail!
                                                                       3D cool
                                                                  vino of course
                                                                   Henna & sunshine
                                                              Me, sez and lis in the summer.
                                                                 Enjoying the play park.
                                                                       Lis & I chilling
                                                             Fun at the castle!
                                                               Tramlines fest in Sheffield.
                                                         Actually looking classy with the vino.
                                                   Drunken dancing in corp
                                                              Deftones gig!!!!!
                                                                 Me & Sam :)
                                                                    In the peaks - Titanic style

                                                              Sex kitten Sam
                                                       Drawing around Claire on a bar floor
                                                          Sam can fly!
                                                     Me and Sam looking cheesy.
                                                                    Drunken kisses!
                                                                Me & Hay
                                                       Mine and Sams anniversary in Manchester.

                                                                 Christmas times!

 Sam and his mate lumpy the snowman!

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