Monday, 24 January 2011

Birthdays galore!

Currently sitting in piles of mess as Sam is clearing his collection of hoarded  crap out so I can have a little more space for all my 'important' crap. Ain't he nice? I feel like the the evenings/ days/ weeks are flying by at the moment once I get in from work, we have tea, sort bits and bobs out, clean it's gone 10 already :(

This weekend has been rather busy. It began with a pub crawl on Friday which I failed at as I was really sleepy. On Saturday we headed to Spalding to stay with Sam's parents for his dad's birthday, we went out for a lovely Italian and left on Sunday full up with home cooked roast nom! Sunday ended with tea and cake to celebrate Raoul's birthday back in Sheffield.

Am very much looking forward to a relaxed weekend back in Stafford this weekend and also I'm looking forward to seeing Sezzabell and Lis for s few drinks!

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