Saturday, 25 December 2010

So this is Christmas

 Merry Christmas!

Well today has gone by so fast, not surprising really as I didn't get up till gone 11.Had a good night sleep last night which was needed as the wine had gone to my head a little yesterday. Unfortunately I managed to fall on the ice on my bum and broke my poor phone :( .But it's okay as I have found my old brick of a phone so I'm going to have to cope with that for now boo!

Today has felt quite weird! not at all that christmasy, it's just felt like a quiet day at home with the family involving an epic Sunday dinner and a few presents.I don't think Christmas feels the same anymore now I'm older but it has still been lovely none the less. It's a shame I couldn't see Sam though, I think that  would of made it a little more special.

I'm now looking forward to the new year and a fresh start as this year's been rubbish! 2011 is shaping up to be good already as I am now employed :) I managed to get the job I was ranting about in my previous post, what are the chances'.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Oh the joys

Oh the joys of interview's!

Well that was a fun half hour being grilled :( What makes it more annoying is that it's only for a temp 3 month position as a recruitment administrator (not a dream job or anything)

What frustrates me though is that I very capable of doing the job, but because I have this 'design degree' apparently I'm not or may be a risk for them to consider because at some point I may run away and find a design job. My degree has now become more of a hindrance than a positive when it comes to applying for a normal 9-5 office type job.I can't win though as I can't find a bloody design job so i have no choice but apply ¬_¬

Well I find out tomorrow if I have the job so fingers crossed!

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Saturday, 18 December 2010


Welcome to my blog! :)

I decided to make one of these as i am getting bored of tumblr and my constant re blogging of images that are not my own. So I shall use this blog as a place to ramble about my everyday happenings, post my recent photography, designs and inspiring images I find :)

Currently I'm in Sheffield (my 2nd home!) where i spend most of my weekends with Sam (the boyfriend) It's chilly brr, I'm feeling delicate & pretty lazy today after last nights activities so the perfect opportunity to post on here!

Yesterday me and Sezzabell (the best friend:) went on a little Christmas shopping spree and visited Rob Ryan's exhibition at the Shire Hall gallery in Stafford. I've been a fan of his laser cuts for a while now after visiting his Etsy store so it was really exciting to see them in person very impressive! So much detail and the words he uses are very emotional. I ended up buying a card which I plan to frame!

Robert Ryan is based in London, England. He works mainly by the the means of paper cutting, from that original starting point he applies his emotive and moving art to a variety of applications: Screenprints, textiles, ceramics, lazercutting.

Now to get on with having a lazy day and drinking lots of tea to keep warm!