Sunday, 20 March 2011

Uni bar & relaxing times

The last two weeks have yet again flown by! Jesus, a little bit scary really. I won't complain as it's pay day in a week :) I feel like my budget has gone out of the window this month so next month i need to be really tight tight as Sam is when it comes to spending ;)

Last weekend I was back in Stafford - It didn't start amazingly well after finding out my Grandma was in hospital, but apart from that it was lovely. Me and the parental's spent most of Saturday in the pub drinking and eating which was fun -It was nice 'catching up' and just spending some time with them. Me, Sez and Lis headed out to the uni bar on the night which was fun and made a change from the usual pubs in town. Although we  found it to be not as good as it used to be and we felt really old surrounded by 18 year olds - but hey ho.

This weekend has been a relaxing one - nothing vaguely interesting has happened. We are going to head out for lunch at La Tasca (nom) and then probably bum around some more! I'm quite looking forward to next weekend though as Lis is up visiting and I have a three day weekend eeee fun times!

On another note we have decided unless the line up is amazing we may give Leeds a miss as we just can't find  enough people to join us and I think It just wouldn't be the same just the two of us going even though am sure we would have a laugh.

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