Thursday, 31 March 2011

Peaking around

I had a rather lovely jam-packed weekend!

On Sunday me, Sam, Lis & Raoul headed up a few mountains in the peaks I enjoyed the sitting around and taking in the epic view - it's so peaceful and serene that high up. But I didn't enjoy the uphill climbs that were involved to get there :( Although, it did make me realise how incredibly unfit I've become which worried me a little! so as of Monday I've started to walk the 2 mile's home from work and feel so much better for it! I hope I can keep it up though. Sunday was rounded off with lots of wine in the pub and a trip to the graveyard at night which was rather creeeepy!

We decided to go to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Monday (yey for 3 day weekends) defiantly choose the best day for it weather wise as it felt like a summers day!We had a fun day roaming around the park taking silly pictures and soaking up the sunshine.

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