Monday, 25 April 2011

Picnic party

It's been ages since my last post, a month already! April has been a good month - lots of things have gone on but I am very much looking forward to May and my birthday adventures to Paris :)Rather enjoying all these bank holidays at the moment although this 3 day work week coming up seems pointless and a bit of a chore :(

The weather this month has been beautiful so we enjoyed the first BBQ of the year a couple of weeks ago and spent the whole day sat in our concrete yard drinking and eating fun fun!

Claire turned 24 and celebrated with a trip to Wagamama's and a night in Corp which was a bit of a let down but still fun none the less.

This bank holiday weekend me and Sam stayed at my mum and dad's and spent the last three days drinking and eating  - pretty much lazied around the whole time which was nice. We headed up the chase with Sez and James on Saturday with a picnic and lots of beer which was fun but ended in me throwing up in the sink as I drank too much and ate too little.

Today we headed to the park for another picnic but as soon as we arrived the sun went in boo :(

Tonight I finally finished my application for Olympic tickets for one of the diving events so fingers crossed we will be heading to the Olympics in London next year!

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